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Small projects and repair, done with care


Jimthebrit in Berkeley is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS!! 

Thank you to my many great clients in and around Berkeley over the years for letting me take care of your home. Thanks for all the great chats, cups of tea and friendships! 

I am in the process of moving to Carmichael CA, and once I am set up for business, I will be posting new service areas! New potential clients, stay tuned!!



I am a Bay Area-based handyman providing repair and small project work. Free consultation and advice. Written bids upon request. Polite, courteous service and careful, cost-effective work is my goal. Your satisfaction is important to me since I want you to be calling me again.
I'm a Civil Engineering graduate and got my first real tool box at age 7, and have been making and fixing things ever since.
After a long stint in software, I decided to do something that makes me happy; doing what I have always done gladly for friends and family. 


For these reviews and more happy customers, check out my Reviews on Yelp!


Jim is the best handyman I've ever worked with. He is:

1) Honest, trustworthy
2) Smart & creative, develops good solutions
3) Hardworking, fast
4) Fantastic communicator
5) Pleasant to be around (doesn't talk your ear off, isn't odd in uncomfortable ways)

I first learned about him from my landlord who owns several homes in Berkeley as well as a well-known local pub. Jim is often booked up because many other people seek his services, for good reason. He'll be transparent about his availability or lack thereof.

He sent the most detailed invoice I've ever seen from a handyman!


We saw the 5 star reviews and were really skeptical, especially because we had so many other handymen flake on us last minute. Our bathroom had flooded and had caused water damage in the bathroom and adjacent closet, so everything had to be taken apart to make sure there was no mold forming. Once that got solved, we needed to find someone to put everything back together. We were fortunate to find Jim who truly exceeded expectations. He gets the job done and he does it with attention to detail and lots of care. He's honest, hardworking, extremely professional, and very knowledgeable. Jim's not just great at his job, he seems to be a good guy. We'd recommend him a thousand times over.


I bought a home in Berkeley 5 months ago and have dealt with several different handymen since then. Jim is by far #1. The work he's done around our new home has been varied, ranging from buying and custom-cutting glass to fix a broken unusually shaped window, putting up a new wall to separate two rooms, plumbing work, painting, and more. His deals honestly, is highly competent, and his prices are extremely reasonable.


Jim is an absolute superstar.  He's not only smart, creative, and handy, but he is quick.  I needed help moving offices and he was able to move and set everything up in one day without even taking a break.  If you need someone to do a great job and do it fast then Jimthebrit is your man. Jim is super versatile and knowledgeable, he knows what he's doing and can do just about anything.  You will not regret using his services. Thanks Jim for all your help!

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